Ducky - inflatable canoe in Sweden Åre

We have 2-person inflatable canoes or as they’re also called, duckies.
You’ll paddle them in Tångböleströmmarna where they paddled between rafting boats. You can also choose a 1 persons inflatable kayak.
You will receive instructions by us guides and follow us on a regular rafting trip. The duckies give you excitement and close contact with the rapids. They are fairly easy to paddle but require a lot of cooperation between those paddles. We can also offer a sit on top kayak that is easy to paddle. See video taken by JoPe from 2015 on



Price 1000 SEK/person.

Other information

BOOKING: Send a booking request on

Grade 1- 3.Total time Åre return approx 5-6 hrs. Minimum age 13 years. Place of meeting 10.00 at Åre Cable car parking.


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