Activities and rafting in Åre, Sweden

JoPe Fors & Fjäll has supplied activities and adventures since 1989 in Åre, Sweden

In summer we arrange rafting/rafting, white water kayaking courses, rock climbing, cave tours, school trips, river boarding.
In winter we arrange ice climbing, cave tours, snowshoeing, randoné skiing, ski touring, etc.
JoPe Fors & Fjäll has since 1989 arranged adventures & activities in the Åre mountains.
May 2004, we went labeling of Ecotourism Association’s Nature’s Best,
ie., activities undertaken on the basis of conscious consideration for animals, nature and long-term sustainable tourism.

Our guides have many years of experience, highly trained and are well known in the neighborhood.




We offer world class rafting on Vålån and Gevsjöströmmarna. Both trips hold extreme steep and technical rapids. On Vålån we also run a waterfall! We can also offer rapid swimming and surfing with the raft, all the time surroundings with beautiful nature and mountains.

Winter activities

The winter season in Åre is wonderful. There is plenty to do. Adventures on skis, snowshoes, climbing. Do you love to feel the adrenaline pumping or do you just get out for a quiet ski? We have something for everyone.

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