Winter activities

Go on Winter  activities in Sweden, Åre

We offer a variety of mountain tours to various destinations in Åre. You are treated to magnificent scenery and if you are lucky, you will also see large herds of reindeer, moose or other mountain living animals.

Ice climbing with visits to the ice and limestone caves

Excitement and adventure with ice climbing on short icefall and a nature experience with frozen and open waterfall.
We explore beautiful icecaves. This adventure is also suitable for our younger participants.

Powder skiing

Guaranteed an unforgettable experience

Ice climbing around Åre

Be prepared to push your limits

Ice climbing on a frozen waterfall

Climb on Ristafallen. We also climb on some other icefall close to the river with a beautiful ice cave behind the climbing.

We visit all the beautiful ice caves and also a limestone cave.

  • Fear 60% 60%
  • Challenge 80% 80%
  • Physically 90% 90%

We have a great range of winter activities

Big or small, w've got the adventure for you.
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