White water kayak in Åre

Whitewater kayaking. Here are a half a dozen creeks and rivers excellent for paddling. But every water have each own season when just that rapid is best. You find all kind of paddling from the big river with blue surfing waves, to the smaller creek with wild rapids and waterfalls. We have three different kinds of White water kayak courses. We have small group sizes on the courses so the paddling can be as fun and effective as possible. One of the courses is on three days and for beginners. You learn how to handle the kayak. But most important is that we learn that paddling is fun. We paddling a lot of rapids and you learn some surfing also. We train rapid swimming and eskimo roll. It is also including some safety training.

The other is a shorter beginner course on two days.
The third course is on two days and for you that have started paddling and want to learn more. We called it a step two course. We learn you surfing technique on waves and rollers. We also go to paddling grade 3 rapids if the level on the group is right. The course including some rescue training also. We also offer one day of kayak paddling. It is not a course but a try it out day.
We use all kinds of kayaks for all needs. But you can also order a course in different length and time if you are minimum 4 persons.

See videos from 2015 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO0jjIjoaM0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQOwLLNs0f4



  • Beginners course 2 days, 2 500 SEK.
  • Beginners course 3 days, 3 500 SEK.
  • Step 2 course (2 days), 2 500 SEK

At least 4 people are needed or pay for 4 people.


Bring your own lunch and underwear.


We provide all equipment. Bring your own lunch. We make a fire and offer coffee, tee and juice. You should have your own transport so the shuttle works.

Other information

BOOKING: Send a booking request on info@jope.se

Minimum age 15 year. Place of meeting 10.00 at Åre sportshop in Undersåker.

Whitewater kayaking courses in Åre 2022

  • If you are at least 4 people we set up a course for you.



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