Advanced rafting in Vålån, Åre

The trips at Vålån starts 40 km southwest from Åre. This trip has lots of steep and technical rapids and keeps absolute world class rafting. It’s a smaller river and the cold and clear water coming from the mountain. Soon we come to a steep class 4 rapid, the Pig rapid. The next exiting rapid is Ingeborgsfallet. We run one boat at the time while the other guests can look and maybe take photos. Normally we run Vålån in the spring and to the middle of July. We have great surfing on the trip and we jump in to the river from high cliffs below a waterfall.


Price 1200 SEK


Bring trainings shoes, rain jacket and a thin fleece or sports underwear. If you need transport we see if we can provide that.


Lunch is included. We provide wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet. 

Other information

BOOKING: Send a booking request on Tell us how many you are, if you have transport and your cell phone number.

We need at least 8 persons to run a trip. Normal season for Vålån is from 20 mai – 15 july.

Age limit 18 years. Meetpoint Åre Sportshop in Undersåker 10.00

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