Cave trip to Bergsjögrottan Sweden

This cave system in Sweden is located 7 miles north of Kall and is about 200 m long. It is about 30 minutes easy walk to the cave over mostly open marsh. Cave openings are beautifully behind a waterfall. The caves are broad but fairly low ceilings. Part of the waterfall water flows down into the cave. We find also some smaller stalactites on the ceiling. This cave tour is a bit easier than Kvarnbäckslabyrinten but you can also find challenging caving here.

We serve lunch at the cave entrance.


Cave tour to Bergsjögrottan, 800 SEK.Cave tour to Bergsjögrottan (Youth Prize 8-15 years), 600 SEK

We need at least 3 people or pay 2400 SEK


Bring your backpack, sturdy shoes and gloves and change of clothes.


Cave overall, headlamp, helmet and lunch is included. 

Other information

Total time approx 5 hours. Minimum age 8 years.Place of meeting 10.00 at Hyrskidan in Undersåker or agreed place.



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