Rafting in Sweden - Tångböleströmmarna

Rafting in Sweden is a good combination of clean water beautiful nature and adventure. Tångböleströmmarna is perfect for families and for you that don’t need the hardest rafting.

The trip starts at Lake Ånnsjön 32 km from Åre, with beautiful mountains in the surroundings.
It is three rapids on this trip and the last one is 3 km long and hardest. In the spring the grade is 4 but after midsummer the grade goes down to 2 – 3.

We have a stop on the trip and make coffee, tee on open fire and also offer juice. We make sandwiches on homemade bread.

On this trip we also offer paddling with 2- persons duckies or 1 persons inflatable kayak that you paddle on the same trips like the rafts. You get instructions from the rafting guides and follow the rafts on the trip. It’s a much more challenge.

Grade 1-3.

See video on our gallery.


  • Rafting at Tångböleströmmarna, 1000 SEK
  • Inflatable rafting canoes/duckies,  1000 SEK
  • Youth under 15 years at Tångböleströmmarna, 750 SEK

We need at least 8 persons to run a trip.


Bring trainings shoes, rain jacket and a thin fleece or sports underwear.


Easy lunch is included. We provide wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet.  

Other information

BOOKING. Send a booking request on info@jope.se Give us info about how many you are, childrens age, your cell phone number and if you have your own transport.

Recommended minimum age 10 years. Place of meeting 10.00 at cable car parking in Åre.



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