Riverboard in Sweden Tångböleströmmarna, Åre

Riverboard in Sweden. Tångböleströmmarna is the surfers dream. The rapids are located 24 km west from Åre. We walk down to the last rapids of Tångböleströmmarna which is 3 km long. We learn the basics and swimming in 2 km until we reach Tångbölerakan. Here we go ashore and look at all the rolls and waves that lie like a string of pearls. Here we will learn to surf on the boards. In high water this is like a dream for surf lovers. You can stop and surf at high waves and when you come off the next one just waiting for you. Just smile and like the life. We walk up several times and run the rapid many times. Total time Åre return about 6 hrs. This tour is best from mid June – mid July.

See video from 2015 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6DlP5g_kHs



Price 1000 SEK / person. At least three people are required to pay or 3000.


Includes wet shoes, life jacket, helmet, knee pads, fins, board and lunch.

Other information

Minimum age 16 years. Place of meeting 10.00 at cable car parking in Åre.




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